The IDIBGI Biobank already includes 50,000 biological samples

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The IDIBGI Biobank now contains 50,000 biological samples coming from approximately 3,000 donors from the counties of Girona which range from blood, faeces, and adipose tissue to tumours. These samples are used for research into diseases such as cancer, metabolic disorders and multiple sclerosis.

“Where there is research and an established hospital, a biobank is almost essential” comments Dr Aina Rodríguez, coordinator of the IDIBGI Biobank. The IDIBGI Biobank, created in 2013, is a public infrastructure which not only stores the samples in collections, but rather preserves them in a good state and manages them as a non-profit to provide them to researchers in accordance with the law and strict ethical criteria.

Article in the Diari de Girona

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