Requesting samples

The form for requesting human biological samples from the various collections and/or data is the first formal step in the process of requesting material from the IDIBGI Biobank. Once it has been filled out, it must be sent to together with the approval document for the research project issued by the local Ethics Committee for Clinical Research.


Once all the documentation has been received and the availability of the samples and/or data has been confirmed, the Biobank will refer the request to the Ethics Committee and the External Scientific Committee (as established in Royal Decree 1716/2011). These committees will assess the request and the research project, and make sure that the samples which the Biobank makes available to the scientific community will be used in an ethical, lawful and reasonable way.

Only requests that receive a favourable assessment by both committees and the approval of the Biobank’s scientific director will be granted. In cases where the request needs to be assessed by the Internal Scientific Committee for the collection, this committee’s approval will also be required.

Finally, before or when the samples are sent, the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) will be signed between the requesting researcher and the Biobank.


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