Aina Rodríguez on Cadena SER: “The goal is to collaborate in a network with all the biobanks in Spain”

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Cadena SER Catalunya has interviewed Dr Aina Rodríguez, coordinator of the IDIBGI Biobank, on the Hora L programme. The IDIBGI Biobank forms part of the Catalan Biobank Network and Spanish National Biobank Network. Rodríguez remarked during the talk with the journalist Manel Castillo that the goal is to establish a collaborative network with all the biobanks in Spain, through a central registry, so that scientists can request samples from any of the biobanks regardless of the geographic region. The goal is also to ensure that there are collections of biological samples from each region. In Girona, for example, there is currently a very important adipose tissue collection to study obesity and diabetes, among other diseases.

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