About us

Founded in 2013, the IDIBGI Biobank is the biobank of the Dr Josep Trueta Biomedical Research Institute of Girona (IDIBGI), a non-profit public establishment which houses various collections of biological samples for the purposes of biomedical research1.

It supports all the researchers of the institutions that fall under the IDIBGI umbrella: the Dr Josep Trueta University Hospital of Girona (HUGJT), the Healthcare Institute (IAS), the University of Girona (UdG), the Institute of Diagnostic Imaging (IDI), the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO) and the Primary Care Institute (IAP) – Catalan Health Institute (ICS) in Girona.


In accordance with the guidelines provided by Law 14/2007, of 3 July, on Biomedical Research, the objectives of the IDIBGI Biobank are as follows:

  • To ensure the traceability and quality of human biological samples and the data associated with them.
  • To consolidate existing IDIBGI collections.
  • To develop new collections that are relevant to the scientific community.
  • To facilitate access to the material for the scientific community and ensure that it is used in a reasonable, ethical and lawful way.
  • To promote quality practices.


  • To direct and coordinate the overall management of IDIBGI collections deposited in the Biobank.
  • To manage the entry of collections and the storage and traceability of samples at all times.
  • To ensure that the data associated with the samples are kept confidential.
  • To ensure that the temperature of the equipment in which the samples are stored is properly controlled.
  • To manage requests for samples.
  • To train the technical staff at the Biobank as well as the technicians from the groups that develop the collections in coding, cryopreservation, sample traceability and collection quality management.
  • To provide advice on technical, ethical and legal matters relating to the creation of collections.
  • To implement a continuous improvement programme as part of the Biobank’s Quality Management System.


*Law 14/2007, of 3 July, on Biomedical Research

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